Does Tohatsu make motors for Mercury?

Does Tohatsu make motors for Mercury?

Until then, 40,000 to 50,000 outboard engines were produced under the Tohatsu brand but production has increased, and with the production of Mercury, Tohatsu now makes 170,000 to 180,000 units. Outboard engines manufactured by Tohatsu Marine are used in 200 countries and regions of the world.

Are Tohatsu 4 stroke outboards any good?

Tohatsu outboard motors are widely recognized as being top-quality, bullet-proof engines. They are designed and engineered with ocean-tested technology, with fishing and harsh saltwater conditions in mind. These outboards have proven to run smoothly under intense demand and in any weather.

How long do Tohatsu outboards last?

How Long Do Tohatsu Outboard Engines Typically Last? While Tohatsu outboard engines are considered bullet-proof by their fans, you can typically expect an outboard to last between 2,000 – 3,000 hours before it needs any serious maintenance.

How much does a 60 hp Tohatsu cost?

$7,585.00. Displacement: 866 cc (52.9

Which is better Tohatsu or mercury?

When you get to the 25hp units, the Tohatsu is a superior unit. Tohatsu changed their 25hp to a 2.17 gear ratio, while Tohatsu did not let Mercury have the new ratio, Mercury is stuck with the old 1.92. The 1.92 is a slug compared to the new 2.17 ratio, not even in the same league.

Does Nissan own Tohatsu?

Tohatsu Outboards Tohatsu produces outboards sold under their own brand, as well as for other companies. For instance, all Nissan outboard engines sold in North America were Tohatsus with a Nissan decal. In 1988 Tohatsu and Brunswick Corporation set up a joint venture named Tohatsu Marine Corporation.

Who makes the quietest outboard?

Which Outboard Motor Is Quietest? Verado boats with 350hp and 400hp ntowing, the 350hp and 400hp Verado outboards the quietest in their horsepower category. Boat owners tend to associate powerful engines with powerful sound systems.