Does fiber cement siding contain asbestos?

Does fiber cement siding contain asbestos?

Fiber cement siding used to contain asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral, for reinforcement. Asbestos, however, was later replaced by cellulose, a harmless material that makes wood rigid.

What is fiber cement board made of?

cellulose fibers
Fiber cement is made up of a few simple ingredients: Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers. However, the composition will change depending on the manufacturer. James Hardie’s formulation includes propriety additives that enhance the performance of the product.

Does Hardie board siding have asbestos in it?

James Hardie began manufacturing asbestos-free fiber cement products in 1981, however, they did not stop manufacturing asbestos products until 1987. If your home has building products installed on it that were manufactured before 1988, it’s likely that they may contain asbestos.

Is fiber cement siding toxic?

Fiber cement is made from non-toxic materials. While it’s not biodegradable like wood, it won’t release toxins like plastic siding.

How can I tell if my siding is asbestos?

How do I know if my roofing or siding contains asbestos? Look for asbestos markings on the roofing or siding material or the packages in which they came, or call the manufacturer. Another alternative is to hire a Minnesota certified asbestos inspector to sample the material and submit it for laboratory analysis.

Is fiber cement toxic?

Fiber Cement is Difficult to Install Cutting fiber cement siding generates respirable crystalline silica, a known human carcinogen. Inhaling too much silica can lead to silicosis, lung cancer, and COPD.

How do I know if my siding is asbestos?

When did James Hardie stop using asbestos?

March 1987
In March 1987 James Hardie ceased all asbestos manufacturing activities. As concern grew about the serious adverse health effects of asbestos, in the mid-1980s James Hardie developed an asbestos-free fibre cement technology, without the dangers associated with asbestos.

Is Hardie board poisonous?

HardiePlank® siding is made from natural and sustainable raw materials: cement, sand, wood fiber, and water. It has no asbestos, glass fibers, or formaldehyde, which makes it a safe building product as well. The materials are low in toxicity; therefore, it does not harm the environment.

What are the cons of fiber cement siding?

List of the Cons of Fiber Cement Siding

  • It is not available for direct order from the manufacturer.
  • It comes with a higher labor cost than other materials.
  • It requires you to re-paint the siding at some point during its lifetime.
  • It is not a recyclable material.

Does asbestos siding look like wood?

Asbestos was particularly prevalent in siding that resembles shingles or was made to look like wood grain. If your siding has these characteristics, then asbestos could be present.

Is asbestos siding toxic?

No. Just having asbestos siding and roofing on your home does not pose a hazard to your health. Asbestos-containing roofing and siding in good condition are best left alone.