Where is Braeriach located?

Where is Braeriach located?


Pronunciation Scottish Gaelic: [əm ˈpɾaːj ˈrˠiəvəx]
Location Cairngorms, Scotland
OS grid NN953999

How difficult is Lairig Ghru?

This great pass is the most frequented route across the Cairngorms, going through much grander scenery than the Glen Feshie or Lairig an Laoigh routes. It is a long strenuous walk, requiring 10-12 hours, on a well trodden, but in places very rough path marked by cairns on its higher reaches.

Is Lairig Ghru A Munro?

Lairig Ghru Munros Two-Dayer, 7 Summits.

Where is the Chalamain gap?

The Chalamain Gap is a bouldery defile on the path that links the Cairn Gorm ski road with the Lairig Ghru. It forms the centerpiece of this grand circular walk that combines many of the finest aspects of the Cairngorms – rocky, bare mountainsides, beautiful pinewoods, and forest lochs.

How long does it take to climb Braeriach?

8 to 9½ hours
DISTANCE 15 miles. HEIGHT CLIMBED 3,500ft. TIME 8 to 9½ hours.

What is the mountain range of Braeriach?

Grampian Mountains
Braeriach/Mountain range

What is the height of Braeriach?

4,252′Braeriach / Elevation

How tall is Cairn Toul meters?

1,291 m
The summit elevation is 1,291 metres (4,236 feet) AMSL….

Cairn Toul
Cairn Toul from Braeriach, with Lochan Uaine
Highest point
Elevation 1,291 m (4,236 ft)
Prominence c. 166 m

How long does it take to climb Ben Avon?

Route outline

Munros Ben Avon (Beinn Athfhinn) Beinn a’ Bhuird Beinn a’ Chaorainn Beinn Bhreac
time 11:15hr
Bike ascent 100m (320ft)
distance 16km (10m)
time 1:00hr

How long is Jock’s Road?

13 mile
A local shepherd, Jock Winter fought him, and the Scottish Rights of Way Society took a challenge through all the courts to the House of Lords, finally winning the day in 1888. You can now walk the length of 13 mile route through the beautiful scenery of Glen Callater and Glen Doll, on the edge of the Cairngorms.

Where is Lairig Ghru?

Cairngorms of Scotland
The Lairig Ghru (Scottish Gaelic: Làirig Dhrù) is one of the mountain passes through the Cairngorms of Scotland. The route and mountain pass partially lies on the Mar Lodge Estate. Like many traditional routes, the ends of the route through the Lairig Ghru are like the ends of a frayed rope.