Why did Danny Funderburk leave cathedrals?

Why did Danny Funderburk leave cathedrals?

The 1990s and Gaither Homecoming years In February 1990, Funderburk left to help start a new quartet Perfect Heart. The Cathedrals hired tenor Kurt Young to fill Funderburk’s place, but left the quartet after only two months with the group.

Who started the Cathedral Quartet?

They recorded two albums and a concert video for the Gaither Homecoming series, but Younce and Hess’s poor health brought an end to the Old Friends two years later. In 2003, Haase and Garry Jones formed the Signature Sound Quartet. After Jones and Haase developed artistic differences, Jones left.

Who is the bass singer for The Cathedrals?

George Younce
George Wilson Younce (February 22, 1930 – April 11, 2005) was an American bass singer, known for performing with Southern gospel quartets, especially The Cathedrals….

George Younce
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Voice
Years active 1946–2005
Associated acts The Cathedral Quartet, Old Friends Quartet

Who sang with the Cathedral Quartet?


1963–1964 (under the name “The Cathedral Trio”) 1964–1968 (under the name “The Cathedral Quartet”)
Bobby Clark – tenor vocals Glen Payne – lead vocals Danny Koker – baritone, piano Bobby Clark – tenor vocals Glen Payne – lead vocals Danny Koker – baritone vocals, piano George Younce – bass vocals
1971 1971–1973

When did the Cathedral Quartet retire?

The Cathedral Quartet, often known as simply The Cathedrals (or briefly for one album Bobby Clark and the Cathedral Quartet), was an American southern gospel quartet that lasted from 1964 until their retirement in 1999.

What is Danny Funderburk doing now?

Danny now performs solo concerts and is often seen on Gaither Homecoming videos. His unmistakable tenor voice still blessing audiences nationwide.

Who played piano for the cathedrals?

Roger Bennett (musician)
Roger Bennett (March 10, 1959 – March 17, 2007) was an American Southern gospel pianist, singer, songwriter, and co-founder of the award winning gospel quartet Legacy Five. Prior to forming Legacy Five, he served nearly 20 years as pianist for The Cathedrals.

Who is Danny Thunderbird?

Danny Funderburk (born April 13, 1954 (age 62) in Union County, North Carolina) began his career in the 1970s when he sang tenor for a group called the New Revelaires. He continued as part of that group until 1980 when he joined the Singing Americans.

Is Danny Funderburk singing?

Who are the cathedrals of Southern Gospel?

Formed in 1964, this traditional Southern gospel vocal group (also known as the Cathedral Quartet) appeared regularly on Rex Humbard’s Cathedral of Tomorrow broadcast in the ’60s. The Cathedrals were led by bass George Younce and alto Glen Payne, known for their humorous onstage exchanges.

Who was the original lead singer of the cathedrals?

The Cathedrals were led by bass George Younce and alto Glen Payne, known for their humorous onstage exchanges. Originally, Humbard formed the group as a trio, but they soon became a quartet comprising Payne, Younce, Danny Koker and Bobby Clark.

Who is the Cathedral Trio?

The Cathedral Trio was formed in 1963 as a ministry of Rex Humbard’s Cathedral Of Tomorrow in Akron, OH. Original members included Glen Payne, Danny Coker and Bobby Clark.

How did the cathedrals become so popular?

Over the next 30 years under the leadership of Payne and Younce, the Cathedrals became a household name among Southern Gospel fans. Driven by Payne’s energetic lead vocals and Younce’s comedic appeal as the group emcee and bass singer, the group dominated the Singing News Fan Awards in the 1990s and app… read more.