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What is the Eastern Townships known for?

What is the Eastern Townships known for?

The Eastern Townships are the cradle of viticulture in Québec. We know how to make good wine and we enjoy tasting it. At the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, the Wine Route (Route des Vins) meanders through our beautiful vineyards.

What is there to do in Eastern Townships in the winter?

Winter ideas and activities

  • Ski Mountains. Beginner or expert, skiers and snowboarders, no less the 4 ski resorts await you in the Eastern Townships.
  • Mont-Orford. Only one hour from Montreal, Mont Orford is among the highest mountainous areas of eastern Canada.
  • Ski Bromont.
  • Owl’s Head.
  • Sutton.
  • Tube Sliding.
  • Snowmobile.
  • Skating.

Is the largest city in the Eastern Townships region of Québec?

Country Canada
Province Quebec
Regional County Municipalities (RCM) and Equivalent Territories (ET) show 6 RCM, 1 ET

Why are they called the Eastern Townships?

The first of the 95 townships conceded was Dunham (1796). In 1792, the region (then an electoral county) was called Buckinghamshire. Later it became known as the “Eastern Townships of Lower Canada” (as opposed to the “Western Townships of Upper Canada” ) and “Eastern Townships” by 1806.

What are Eastern Townships?

The Eastern Townships (French: Cantons de l’Est) is an historical administrative region in southeastern Quebec, Canada. It lies between the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the American border, and extends from Granby in the southwest, to Drummondville in the northeast.

How many people live in Eastern Townships?

The English-speaking population of the Eastern Townships is approximately 35,000, or about 8% of the region’s total. The Eastern Townships were first inhabited by the Abenaki Indians, followed by a small number of United Empire Loyalists who moved to the area to flee the American Revolution.

What is there to do in Orford in the winter?

The Mont-Orford National Park is an absolute must-see in the region for all winter activities. Filled with cross-country ski trails that have a well-established reputation and snowshoeing, hiking and Nordic ski (climbing skins) trails that will take you to the summit and all its spectacular views.

What do you do in Magog in the winter?

Here are a few activities other than skiing.

  • Torchlit walk in an enchanting decor. Each year, the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises organizes its unique torchlit walk.
  • Warm up in a Russian banya.
  • Climb the summit of Mont-Orford.
  • Family fun at the Jouvence vacation center.
  • Escape the cold in a gameroom.

Where are Eastern Townships in Quebec?

Eastern Townships, French Les Cantons de L’est, region in southeastern Quebec, Canada, between the St. Lawrence lowlands and the U.S.-Canadian border and centred on Sherbrooke.

What mountain range is in the Eastern Townships?

Town centre of Sherbrooke, Eastern Townships region, Quebec, Canada. The region contains parallel ranges of hills (extensions of the Appalachians), the Sutton Mountains (extensions of the Green Mountains of Vermont), the Stoke Mountains, and the Megantic Range. A few lakes and various rivers empty into the St.

Where are Eastern Townships in Québec?

What is Eastern Québec area?