What is semiconductor diode characteristics?

What is semiconductor diode characteristics?

Semiconductor Diodes It has the characteristics of passing current in one direction only. If there is no voltage is applied across the junction, electrons will diffuse through the junction to p – side and holes will diffuse through the junction to n – side and they combine with each other.

What is a diode PPT?

A diode (one way valve) is a PN junction with p-type on one side and n-type on the other. When a positive voltage is applied to the p-type side (forward bias), it shrinks and overcomes the depletion zone, causing the current to flow from the p-type to the n-type side.

What is VI characteristics of diode?

Volt-ampere (V-I) characteristics of a pn junction or semiconductor diode is the curve between voltage across the junction and the current through the circuit. Normally the voltage is taken along the x-axis and current along y-axis.

What is semiconductor Slideshare?

Introduction. Semiconductor is a solid substance that has conductivity between that of an insulator and that of most metals, either due to the addition of an impurity or because of temperature effects. Devices made of semiconductors, notably silicon, are essential components of most electronic circuits.

When was the semiconductor diode invented?

In 1901, Jagadis Chandra Bose, a professor of physics in Calcutta, India, filed a U.S patent for a galena crystal point-contact semiconductor diode for detecting radio signals. Beginning in 1902, American Telephone and Telegraph engineer Greenleaf W.

How does a semiconductor diode operate?

A diode (PN junction) in an electrical circuit allows current to flow more easily in one direction than another. Forward biasing means putting a voltage across a diode that allows current to flow easily, while reverse biasing means putting a voltage across a diode in the opposite direction.

What type of semiconductor is a diode?

A diode is a two-terminal semiconductor electronic element that exhibits nonlinear current-voltage characteristics. It allows current in one direction at which its resistance is very low during forward bias.

What are the characteristics of semiconductors?

At absolute zero, semiconductors are perfect insulators, The density of electrons in conduction band at room temperature is not as high as in metals, thus cannot conduct current as good as metal. The electrical conductivity of semiconductor is not as high as metal but also not as poor as electrical insulator.

What are IV characteristics of diode?

DIODE IV Characteristics Forward Voltage represented to the right and Reverse Voltage to the left. The point of beginning or zero value is at the center of the graph. Forward Current lengthens above the horizontal axis with Reverse Current extending downward.