Was there a captain Benson 7th Cavalry?

Was there a captain Benson 7th Cavalry?

Randolph Scott is Captain Benson, an officer in the Seventh Cavalry who is ordered by General Custer to go fetch his girl friend from Fort Supply. In Scott’s absence, Custer leads his men against the Sioux and Custer’s own troop is slaughtered, the other two units, led by Benteen and Reno, decimated.

Was the movie 7th Cavalry a true story?

7th Cavalry is a 1956 American Western film directed by Joseph H. Lewis based on a story, “A Horse for Mrs. Custer,” by Glendon Swarthout set after the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Filmed in Mexico, the picture stars Randolph Scott and Barbara Hale.

When was the movie 7th Cavalry made?

December 7, 19567th Cavalry / Initial release

How many men are in the 7th Cavalry?

700 men
The U.S. 7th Cavalry, a force of 700 men, suffered a major defeat while commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer (formerly a brevetted major general during the American Civil War).

Can Reno and Benteen save Custer?

From that moment, nothing could have saved Custer’s command.” In the end, there were simply too many very brave, very determined Indian warriors. Custer’s luck had run out, while Benteen survived with a bit of luck and a bit of bravery in the heat and fog of battle.

Why did benteen not help Custer?

He told the Chicago court, “A movement could have been made down the river in the direction Custer had gone upon my arrival on the hill, but we would have all been there yet.” Apparently, Benteen didn’t like the odds and figured that any soldiers who went that way also would have been killed.

What was the first Battle of Vietnam?

Bruce Crandall. The Battle of Ia Drang was the first major engagement during the Vietnam War, between members of the U.S. Army and the People’s Army of North Vietnam. The two-part battle took place between November 14 and November 18, 1965 west of Plei Me, in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam.

What does Garryowen mean in We Were Soldiers?

The word “Garryowen” was used often during the Vietnam War by soldiers of First Cavalry as a password to identify each other. It became the official tune of the division during 1981. The name of the tune has become a part of the regiment, the words Garry Owen are part of the regimental crest.