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How many cc is a Poulan 306a?

How many cc is a Poulan 306a?

This saw’s engine was a 3.6-cubic-inch (59-cubic-centimeter), single-cylinder, two-cycle unit that ran at up to 6,500 revolutions per minute on a mixture of gasoline and oil from the built-in 18-fluid-ounce fuel tank. The engine was made of die-cast magnesium and aluminum parts.

How many cc is a Poulan Pro chainsaw?

42 cc
Product Description. Powered by an impressive 42 cc, 2-cycle engine, the Poulan Pro PR4218 chainsaw with 18 in. bar is ideal for medium-duty storm clean-up, cutting firewood, and felling trees.

How many cc’s is a Poulan super clean?

How Many Cc’S Is A Poulan Super Clean? This 42cc 2-cycle chainsaw produces a perfect power cut during storm clean up, tree falling or firewood carving.

When was the Poulan 306a made?

The Poulan 306a was introduced in 1970 and produced until 1980. The Poulan Company was founded by lumberjack Claude Poulan in 1946. The company was located in Shreveport, Louisiana, making the 306a a nice local option for a “Texas” chainsaw massacre.

How many cc’s is a Poulan 4000?

Poulan 4000. This is a mean green Stihl and Husqvarna eatin machine. This is a nice example of a 65cc Poulan muscle saw. Starts, runs, and oils like it should.

Is a 42cc chainsaw powerful?

It’s 42cc engine provides more cutting power than any other tool in this category – but you won’t find much use for that power if you don’t have a correspondingly heavy-duty task for it. This model is overkill for occasional yard work or other menial cutting tasks.

What brand chainsaw did Leatherface use?

Stihl 066 magnum
Leatherfaces chainsaw is a Stihl 066 magnum. This saw was built and cromed out by a dealer in Ca. It had a custom built 36″ bar. these saws were built from 1987 to 1996.

What CC is a STIHL 046?

Stihl 046 Magnum. Powerhead weighs 14.6 lbs/6.6 Kg and engine is 76.5 cc with 6 bhp.