How do I make Metal Gear Solid 5 easier?

How do I make Metal Gear Solid 5 easier?

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  1. Fulton EVERYONE when you first start out.
  2. Find the interpreter as soon as you’re able.
  3. Kills don’t detract from your score as harshly here.
  4. Don’t worry about exploring until you get the Fulton.
  5. Your Int-Scope is your most important piece of kit; use it constantly.

How do I get side OP 150?

Side Op 150 unlocks by having Quiet, max loyalty/affection, and not having the butterfly on your emblem. It’ll then unlock Mission 45 after completion.

Do diamonds Respawn MGSV?

Resources re-spawn every three main missions you do. This also includes all the rough diamonds around Mother Base so you can harvest all of them again.

How do you jump in MGSV PC?

its shift+E and it has to be close enough.

Does phantom pain have difficulty?

If you’re someone looking for more of a challenge in MGS 5, modder JRavens has you covered. The Phantom Pain Hardcore mod turns up the difficulty with a number of tweaks. First and foremost, enemy hearing and vision has been improve by around 50%, meaning they can detect you at much greater ranges now.

Where is the AI pod phantom pain?

Afghanistan Base Camp
The AI pod is located inside the central silo at the Afghanistan Base Camp. The silo is pretty well-guarded, so bring a suppressed Sniper Rifle as backup. Deploy to the north of the base camp to infiltrate inside easily. There is a guard on the roof near the CFA tents, so tranq him to avoid being seen.

How do you unlock Episode 45 in MGSV?

You must have recruited Quiet, max out your bond with her, spare her at the end of Mission 11, and have the scientist exiled from Mother Base. This will unlock Side Op 150 for play. Enter and complete Side Op 150, and Mission 45 will begin immediately at the end of that.