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Has Eau Rouge been changed?

Has Eau Rouge been changed?

While gravel traps are being added to several corners, the run-off reworking of the Eau Rouge and Raidillon combination has drawn the most interest. Contrary to false rumours on social media, the original layout remains intact, but the tarmac run-off areas on both sides will be expanded.

What turn is Eau Rouge?

Turn 2
As for the foot of the Raidillon, Eau Rouge (Turn 2), the rails will be moved to allow for enlargement of the run-off.

What is so special about Eau Rouge?

Modern-day Eau Rouge is famous and fearsome because of the speed, the elevation and the blind crest. Not because drivers know every lap they are risking their lives there. Those qualities can be retained with a revised run-off area.

Why is the corner called Eau Rouge?

Just in front of the Raidillon flows the brook Eau Rouge underneath the track. At this point was the original left-hand corner leading to the l’Ancienne Douane hairpin. This corner was named after the brook Eau Rouge. This is the real Eau Rouge!

What are the changes at Spa?

What work is being done? The run-off area at La Source, the first corner of the circuit, is being enlarged, while a gravel trap is also being added. In addition, the 24hr grandstand will be replaced by a new more modern grandstand that the circuit claims will be “better integrated with its environment”.

What is Eau Rouge f1?

Eau Rouge is the name of the downhill stretch of track which then goes back uphill and kinks away to the right to Raidillon, and runs towards the Kemmel Straight. It is a legendary corner that has featured in Formula One for many years, but is no longer fit for purpose in its current form.

What inspired Eau Rouge’s legendary name?

The Eau Rouge corner borrows its name from the small, 15 km long stream which it crosses and translates literally to ‘red water’. More pertinently, the fearsome Eau Rouge combination of downhill/uphill/left/right turns has been regarded as hallowed ground for both racing drivers and fans alike since 1939.

What is Francorchamps?

Francorchamps (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃kɔʁʃɑ̃], Walloon: Francortchamp) is a village of Wallonia and a district of the municipality of Stavelot, located in the province of province of Liège, Belgium. It is home to the motor-racing Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

What is the famous corner at Spa?

The Paul Frère corner is located at the junction between the 7004 metre track and the former portion of the circuit climbing from Stavelot towards Blanchimont. Paul Frère was the greatest racing driver and journalist of all time.

What track is Eau Rouge?

Spa-Francorchamps circuit
The Spa-Francorchamps circuit has provided another update on its off-season revamp, showing a first glimpse of the expanded run-off areas at Eau Rouge and Raidillon.

Is Spa a street circuit?

All these changes made the final configuration of the old Spa circuit 14.100 km (8.761 mi) long, and also made Spa the fastest open road circuit in the world.