How many countries are in Oceania?

How many countries are in Oceania?

14 countries
There are 14 countries in Oceania today, according to United Nations official statistics….Countries in Oceania:

# 2
Country Papua New Guinea
Population (2020) 8,947,024
Subregion Melanesia

What language is spoken in Oceania?

The majority language in Oceania is English. Oceania has many indigenous languages, though many have been replaced by English and other European languages.

How many indigenous languages are there in Oceania?

Oceania consists of 22 different countries with a total land area of 552,474 km² (213,310 square miles)….Most widely spoken native languages in Oceania.

Language Percentage Population
Papuan languages 57.1 % 7.0 M
Fijian 3.7 % 0.5 M
Hindi 3.2 % 0.4 M
French 2.2 % 0.3 M

Do any countries in Oceania speak Spanish?

English in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and many other territories. French in New Caledonia, in Vanuatu, in Wallis and Futuna and French Polynesia. Japanese in the Bonin Islands. Spanish on Easter Island, Galápagos Islands and Juan Fernández Islands.

What currency is Oceania?

The dominant national currencies in this region are the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar and the United States dollar, used by many small countries and dependent territories in Oceania….List of currencies of Australia and Oceania.

Country or territory Currency ISO-4217
Guam (USA) United States dollar USD
Kiribati Australian dollar AUD

Is Noumea a country?

Nouméa, also spelled Numea, city, port, and capital of the French overseas country of New Caledonia, southwestern Pacific Ocean, in the southwestern corner of the main island of New Caledonia. It was founded in 1854 as Port-de-France.

What are four languages spoken in Oceania?

Melanesian Pidgin, Hawaiian, Polynesian languages, Tahitian, Maori, are all languages spoken throughout island nations in the South Pacific Ocean.

Do all countries in Oceania speak English?

Nations in which English is an official language (de facto or de jure). Anglosphere countries are those where English is the main native language. All areas of the world that were ever part of the British Empire….Sovereign states.

No. 1
Country Australia
Alpha-3 code AUS
Region Oceania
Population 25,795,700