Who owns The Carlile Room in Seattle?

Who owns The Carlile Room in Seattle?

Tom Douglas
The newest Tom Douglas restaurant, The Carlile Room, sounds swanky but it’s not. A relaxed space built for partying, it grooves to a late-’60s, early-’70s vibe, an era when the future James Beard Award-winning chef/restaurateur was growing up in Delaware, and swanky just wasn’t in style.

What is the best Tom Douglas restaurant?

All Tom Douglas Restaurants, Ranked

  • #1. Dahlia Lounge. 2001 4th Ave.
  • #1. Serious Pie (tied with Dahlia Lounge) 316 Virginia St.
  • #2. Palace Kitchen. 2030 5th Ave.
  • #3. Serious Pie and Biscuit. 401 Westlake Ave.
  • #4. Etta’s. 2020 Western Ave.
  • #5. Tanakasan. 2121 6th Ave.
  • #6. Trattoria Cuoco. 310 Terry Ave.
  • #7. Cantina Lena.

When did the Dahlia Lounge open?

Opened in 1989 (originally at 1904 Fourth Avenue), Dahlia Lounge was the restaurant that launched Douglas’s culinary empire.

What restaurants did Tom Douglas close?

He then announced last July that the closures of Bravehorse Tavern and Trattoria Cuoco in South Lake Union would be permanent. During the pandemic, Douglas has been running Serious Takeout in Ballard, and he has reopened downtown’s Serious Pie and Seatown/Etta’s in Pike Place Market.

What are the Tom Douglas restaurants?

Palace Kitchen1996
Brave Horse Tavern2011Dahlia Lounge1989Cuoco2010
Tom Douglas/Restaurants

What was Tom Douglas first restaurant?

Dahlia Lounge
If there’s anything Tom Douglas has besides exceptional kitchen skills, it’s persistence and enthusiasm for growing a business. In 1989, Douglas, along with his wife and partner Jackie Cross, opened their first and flagship restaurant, Dahlia Lounge in downtown Seattle.

Where does Ethan Stowell live?

Seattle’s my home town, I’ve lived here for 35 years.

Why choose Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen?

Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen is committed to serving delicious food graciously, championing the Pacific Northwest and continuing to be a leader in culinary innovation and employee sustainability.

What happened to downtown Douglas’s other downtown restaurants?

Other downtown spots in the Douglas universe — such as Lola, Cantina Leña, Palace Kitchen, and the Carlile Room — remain dormant.

What happened to Dahlia Lounge in Seattle?

On Friday, March 12, famed Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas announced that his 32 year-old classic, Dahlia Lounge, will not reopen for business after being closed for a full year. His next door pizzeria Serious Pie and sibling shop Dahlia Bakery will take over the space — but the legacy will be difficult to replicate.

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