What episode does Sam and al switch places?

What episode does Sam and al switch places?

The Leap Back
Sam and Al have switched places. Now Sam is the hologram, and Al is the leaper. Al must reunite a returning WWII veteran with the woman he left due to the war.

Does Sam leap into Al?

Sam leaps into a young ensign Al in 1957, and meets an old friend/flame, navy nurse Lisa Sherman (Terry Farrell), whom he persuades not to testify as a witness to Al’s innocence in the accidental death of Marci Riker, which changed the original history of events in the imaging chamber in “A Leap For Lisa”. Episode No.

Who was Al the bartender in Quantum Leap?

Bruce McGill
“Quantum Leap” Mirror Image – August 8, 1953 (TV Episode 1993) – Bruce McGill as Al the Bartender – IMDb.

What is Al in Quantum Leap?

Rear Admiral Upper Half Albert Calavicci, USN, is a fictional character on the science fiction television series Quantum Leap, played by Dean Stockwell….

Al Calavicci
Gender Male
Title Rear admiral
Occupation Pilot Companion/Assistant to Dr. Sam Beckett

What happened to Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap?

Although Sam wanted to go home, he instead chose to return and inform Beth that Al was still alive. The final caption of the show tells the audience that, in the end, Sam never returned home; with the title card at the end somewhat unceremoniously announcing it, and also with his last name misspelled: “Dr.

Did Quantum Leap end on a cliffhanger?

Quantum Leap is a classic show, but ended on one of the most underwhelming cliffhangers in TV history, and the coming revival can right that wrong. A revival of Quantum Leap is exciting for several reasons, but the biggest is that it can finally put right the cliffhanger that the series finale got wrong.

What is the meaning of the last episode of Quantum Leap?

In the televised ending, Beckett chooses to leap one last time to inform Al’s first wife to inform her that he is still alive, which allegedly led to the two having a happy life together.

Who is Sam Becketts wife?

Donna Eleese Beckett
Donna Eleese Beckett was a scientist at Project Quantum Leap and the wife of Dr. Samuel Beckett….Donna Eleese-Beckett.

Donna Beckett
Born: March 7, 1954 (as established in The Starbright Project)
Occupation/ Career: Scientist
Spouse(s): Dr. Samuel Beckett

How the Tess Was Won cast?

Full Cast & Crew

  • Scott Bakula as Dr.
  • Dean Stockwell as Admiral Al Calavicci.
  • Lance LeGault as Chance McGill.
  • Kari Lizer as Tess McGill.
  • Marshall R. Teague as Wayne.
  • Scott Fults as Buddy Holly.
  • Sloan Fisher as Dr. Daniel Young (leapee)
  • Tommy Bush as Orly (uncredited)

Did Sam Beckett ever leap home?

In the series finale, Sam leaped to April 1, 1969 to tell Al’s first wife Beth (Susan Diol) that Al is still alive and will come home. Before the final credits rolled, we learned that Al and Beth in the tweaked timeline never divorced, while Sam himself, alas, never returned home.