What area code is 0300 in the UK?

What area code is 0300 in the UK?

Is 0300 regarded as an area code? In short: no. 0300 numbers are non-geographic numbers, and do not represent any one area in the UK. Call costs of the 0300 number in comparison to any landline numbers having ’01’ or ’02’ charge the caller the same call rate.

Is 0300 a UK landline?

0300 numbers are UK numbers that begin with 0300 and are also known to be non-geographic. It means that the number is not intended for a particular part of the UK. Just like the 01, 02 numbers, the 0300 figure is eligible for free minutes.

Is an 0300 number free from a landline?

0300 numbers are not free to call from a landline. However many providers bundle these numbers into their calling packages. If your provider does not include these numbers in your call package then calls to this number will cost your standard landline rate.

Are 0300 numbers?

What are 0300 numbers? These non-geographic numbers were introduced by Ofcom in 2007 across the UK. These numbers are usually reserved for non-profit organisations, charities and public support services. For this reason, 0300 numbers cost to call.

How much are 0300 numbers from a mobile?

Phone companies have to include calls to 0300 numbers in any deals, packages, or bundles that also include calls to local landline numbers. However, outside these deals, calls to an 0300 number from a mobile can cost from 3p per minute to 40p per minute.

Are 0300 numbers free HMRC?

Callers will only pay the same amount as a landline call to a 01 or a 02 number and the price is the same for calls from mobiles. 0300 numbers are generally included in any discount schemes or inclusive call minutes that claimants may already have with landline or mobile phone operators.

How much do 0300 numbers cost?

It doesn’t cost you any more to call an 0300 number than an 01 or 02 number. Phone companies have to include calls to 0300 numbers in any deals, packages, or bundles that also include calls to local landline numbers.

Are 020 numbers free from mobiles?

Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times. 020 and 034 numbers are usually included in these packages. Outside of these, calls from landlines are typically charged between 2p and 10p per minute and calls from mobiles typically cost between 10p and 40p per minute.

How do I ring HMRC for free?

What is HMRC’s phone number?

  1. Telephone: Tax: 0300 200 3300, Self Assessment 0300 200 3310.
  2. Textphone: Tax 0300 200 3319, Self Assessment 0300 200 3319.
  3. Outside UK: +44 135 535 9022.

Are 0300 numbers free on mobiles?

If you’re a consumer or small business customer, calls to 0800, 0808 and 116 numbers are free from your mobile and landline. Many organisations use 03 numbers such as 0300, 0344 or 0345 as an alternative to more expensive 084 and 087 numbers. Calls to 03 numbers will cost no more than a call to a 01 or 02 number.