How do I update XIBO CMS?

How do I update XIBO CMS?

Set your CMS to automatically Upgrade

  1. Click on the CMS Instance you wish to set to auto upgrade.
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Tick next to Automatically Upgrade this instance to new Minor Versions.
  4. Save.

How do I upgrade Docker XIBO?

Once you have a suitable backup of your CMS files, you can proceed with the upgrade process. Download the appropriate version of the Docker Compose files for the version of Xibo you want to upgrade to. Extract the Docker Compose files over the top of your existing installation, replacing any existing files.

What is CMS XIBO?

The Xibo CMS is a web application run through Docker or a web server supporting PHP/MySQL, and one or more Player applications installed on a signage device or monitor.

How do I add a screen in XIBO?

Display Administration Displays are administered in the CMS from clicking on Displays under the Administration section of the main menu. The Displays Grid will open for you to add new and manage exiting Displays.

How do you restart XIBO?

The Command String for ‘Reboot’ on Windows being shutdown /r /t 0 , and on Android, it is reboot .

How do you set up a Screenly OSE?

Install Screenly OSE on Raspberry Pi

  1. Download the latest image available on GitHub.
  2. If needed, download and install Etcher.
  3. Start Etcher.
  4. You’ll get a screen like this:
  5. Click on “Select Image” and browse to the zip file you just downloaded.
  6. Insert the SD card in your computer, Etcher will detect it automatically.

How do I use XIBO player?

You can now “Launch Player” from the Player Options window or go to all programs and click on Xibo Player. It should display the Xibo Splash Screen while the Default Layout and its media contents (and anything else you have Scheduled) are downloaded. The Player will then begin playing Layout contents.

How do I upgrade Screenly OSE?

@JamesMc Yes, if you have SSH’d into the device, you can invoke an upgrade using /home/pi/screenly/bin/ .

How do I access Screenly OSE?

To learn how to flash the Screenly OSE disk image onto your microSD card, check out the video guide linked here. Next, insert the flashed microSD card into your Raspberry Pi device, and turn on the device. Screenly will start automatically, and you will see a splash-screen and some pre-configured assets.