How do I get to the southern bus terminal in Bangkok?

How do I get to the southern bus terminal in Bangkok?

You can get to Southern Bangkok Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) via a taxi from Khao San Road, or from Victory Monument BTS Station for less than 200 THB. A bright yellow sign with the words “Bangkok Bus Terminal” serves as a landmark for Sai Tai Mai.

How many bus terminals are there in Bangkok?

3 bus terminals
There are 3 bus terminals in Bangkok: Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit), Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai) and Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai).

How do you catch a bus in Bangkok?

How to take a bus in Bangkok

  1. The fare will be collected on the bus by a bus conductor.
  2. Prepare small change for the fare.
  3. Keep the receipt.
  4. On air-conditioned buses, fares vary by distance.
  5. The fare is usually fixed for regular buses.
  6. Be courteous and offer seats to small children, monks, the elderly and pregnant women.

How would you describe a bus terminal?

A bus terminal, or terminus, is the point where a bus route starts or ends, where vehicles stop, turn or reverse, and wait before departing on their return journeys. It’s also where passengers board and alight from vehicles. It also often provides a convenient point where services can be controlled from.

Are buses running in Thailand?

Long-haul bus services have been suspended since the curfew was introduced on April 3. It has been extended to May 31. The State Railway of Thailand announced it will add eight more commuter trains between Bangkok and Lop Buri, Kaeng Koi, Hua Takeh and Chachoengsao, to ease passenger crowding.

How is public transportation used in Bangkok?

The best way to get around Bangkok is by Skytrain or Metro, which is fast, affordable and easily navigable for visitors. The city also offers an extensive network of buses, but these are prone to traffic jams, which the city is notorious for. Taxis are fairly cheap, but again, gridlock is a regular issue.

How big is a bus terminal?

In general the width of the bus lies between 8.5’–9′. The clearance width varies from 0.4’–0.5′. The width of bay lies between 9’–10′. The intermediate distance between departure bays and waiting bays is called passage width of platforms.

How can I transport to Thailand?

Transportation in Thailand – A Quick Guide On Thailand’s 9 Transport Modes

  1. Tuk Tuk. Source The tuk-tuk is a 3 wheeler vehicle which can carry about 2-3 passengers and can get you through short distances in cities.
  2. Taxi.
  3. Motorcycle Taxi.
  4. The Songthaew.
  5. Bus.
  6. Bangkok BTS Skytrain.
  7. Bangkok MRT Subway.
  8. Train.