What do you mean by supple?

What do you mean by supple?

1a : compliant often to the point of obsequiousness. b : readily adaptable or responsive to new situations. 2a : capable of being bent or folded without creases, cracks, or breaks : pliant supple leather. b : able to perform bending or twisting movements with ease : limber supple legs of a dancer.

What things are supple?

Supple is often used as an adjective describing a body — such as a dancer’s; a fabric — such as soft leather; or a sound — such as an accomplished singer’s voice. This makes for a strange supple family, but all of its members can move with ease and flexibility.

What kind of word is supple?

adjective, sup·pler, sup·plest. bending readily without breaking or becoming deformed; pliant; flexible: a supple bough.

What is a supple woman?

1. of a body or body part : able to bend or twist easily. a supple body. her long, supple limbs.

What is soft and supple?

As adjectives the difference between soft and supple is that soft is easily giving way under pressure while supple is pliant, flexible, easy to bend.

What is the difference between flexible and supple?

As adjectives the difference between supple and flexible is that supple is pliant, flexible, easy to bend while flexible is capable of being flexed or bent without breaking; able to be turned, bowed, or twisted, without breaking; pliable; not stiff or brittle.

Can people be supple?

A supple person can move and bend their body very easily. Paul was incredibly supple and strong.

What is supple skin?

What is supple skin? We define it as perfect skin in appearance, soft to the touch and radiant to look at. Is your skin that way? If not, with a few easy steps you can have your skin looking its best.

Is supple the same as soft?

Is suppleness a word?

The quality or state of being flexible: bounce, ductility, elasticity, flexibility, flexibleness, give, malleability, malleableness, plasticity, pliability, pliableness, pliancy, pliantness, resilience, resiliency, spring, springiness.

What do supple breasts mean?

adj. 1 bending easily without damage. 2 capable of or showing easy or graceful movement; lithe.