What is AAII index?

What is AAII index?

The AAII Sentiment Survey is a weekly survey of its members which asks if they are “Bullish,” “Bearish,” or “Neutral” on the stock market over the next six months.

Is AAII legitimate?

American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) is a nonprofit investor education organization with local chapters throughout the United States. AAII’s purpose is to help investors manage their own portfolios and earn better-than-average returns while taking on lower-than-average risk.

How much is AAII?

Annual fee $29. Includes 3 FREE Investor Guides! Enjoy your 30-day $1 trial.

What direction do AAII members feel the stock market?

So, on average over time, almost two-fifths of AAII members believe that the market will rise over the next six months; roughly one-third believe the market will be flat over the next six months; and a little more than one-quarter think the market will decline over the next six months.

What is the bull bear ratio?

The bull/bear Ratio is the relationship between those advisors that are bullish to those that are bearish. 1 A reading above “1.0” indicates that more advisors are bullish about the market; where bullish refers to investor sentiment that believes the that stock market will soon go up.

Is the AAII sentiment survey a contrarian indicator?

Sentiment’s Role as a Market Indicator When our Sentiment Survey was started in 1987, there was little data on the moods of individual investors. Since that time, our survey has developed a following for both its insights and as its role as a potentially contrarian indicator for market direction.

Who owns AAII?

Dr. James Cloonan
American Association of Individual Investors

Type Non-profit
Founder Dr. James Cloonan, PhD
Headquarters Chicago , United States
Key people John Bajkowski (president)

Is joining AAII worth it?

The ever-expanding database of webinars, classes and learning material alone make an AAII membership worth it for investors of all levels. However, it’s the affordable advanced research tools like its stock screener, portfolio analyzer and expert research reports that really sets AAII apart from the pack.

How do I cancel AAII?

Please call Member Services at 312-676-4300 to order gift subscriptions. I would like to cancel an AAII subscription. Please email Member Services at

Are investors Bullish?

Although some investors can be “bearish,” the majority of investors are typically “bullish.” The stock market, as a whole, has tended to post positive returns over long time horizons.

What is bull-bear power?

Bull and Bear Power Indicators in Summary Bulls Power measures the capability of buyers in the market, to lift prices above an average consensus of value. Bears Power measures the capability of sellers, to drag prices below an average consensus of value.

What is bull-bear 13 indicator?

The Bull / Bear Power oscillator was developed by Alexander Elder. It determines the strength of buyers (bulls) vs. sellers (bears) as it measures the difference between the highest price and a 13-period EMA, plotted as a histogram.