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How much horsepower does a Ford 429 have?

How much horsepower does a Ford 429 have?

375 horsepower
At 375 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque, the 385-series 429ci big-block was the most powerful factory engine ever installed in a first generation Mustang. Ford initially used the short-block with hemi heads in ’69 to conceive the limited production Boss 429 Mustang.

Did Ford have a hemi engine?

Everybody (well almost everybody) already knows about Ford’s 427ci SOHC hemi that was available over the counter at Ford dealers but never was placed under the hood of a production car.

What engine does a Boss 429 have?

Ford 385-series V8
Boss 429 Mustang

Mustang Boss 429
Engine 429 cu in (7.0 L) Ford 385-series V8
Transmission 4-speed manual

What Ford cars had a 429?


  • Ford Thunderbird (1968-1973)
  • Ford Mustang (1969-1971) Ford Mustang Boss 429 (1969-1970)
  • Ford/Mercury full-size (1969-1973)
  • Ford/Mercury intermediate (1969-1973)
  • Mercury Cougar (1971)
  • Ford medium-duty F-Series (1977-1991) Ford F600/F700/F800.
  • Ford C-Series (1979-1990)
  • Ford L-Series “Louisville Line” (1977-c.1991)

How much is a Boss 429 worth?

According to Hagerty’s valuation tool, a Boss 429 is worth $200,000 on average. Even in “fair” condition, they can go for over $140,000.

Was there a 429 Cobra Jet?

The 429 Cobra Jet was a V8 engine offered by Ford Motor Company in the early 1970s that was a performance version of its regular 429 engine. This engine was primarily known for its use in the Ford Torino and was a part of the Ford 385 engine family.

How much is a 1969 Boss 429 Mustang worth?

Is there a 427 Hemi?

Yes, it’s a hemi. No, it’s not a Chrysler. It’s a big-block 427 CID Ford hemi engineered by Mickey Thompson in 1963.