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What is a cutback saddle used for?

What is a cutback saddle used for?

The cutback saddle is an English saddle specifically designed for the saddle seat rider and with gaited horses. The cutback saddle’s benefit is the freedom of movement it provides to higher withered gaited horses. The cutback saddle received its name from the cut back at the pommel.

How should a saddle fit the rider?

For the rider, the saddle should allow approximately 4” between the swell of the saddle and the front of your body, and your seat should fit to the base of the cantle but not push against the back.

How do you measure a cutback saddle?

Because the Lane Fox has the 4 inch cutback pommel it adds 4 inches to the size of the saddle….

Upper leg length Recommended seat size
Up to 16½” (41cms) 19″
Up to 18½” (46cms) 20″
Up to 20″ (50cms) 20 – 21″
Up to 21½” (54cms) 21″

What happens if a saddle is too big for the rider?

A saddle that is too big will cause the rider to move around too much in the saddle, making you insecure and ineffective, as well as encouraging a chair seat as your seat bones slide back towards the centre of the saddle and your knees forward to the blocks, Poppy cautions.

What is a cutback pommel?

Cutback saddles have an opening cut into the pommel to give more room in the wither area. A cutback saddle brings the sloped side of the pommel closer to the rider, which may mean you’ll need a different-size saddle to fit you.

What type of saddle is used for dressage?

Typically dressage saddles have straight flaps and a very deep seat (high cantle and pommel). Most dressage sad- dles have knee rolls and many have leg blocks de- signed to help the rider maintain leg position. for jumping and used by hunt seat riders and competitive show jumpers.

What happens if saddle is too small for Rider?

If a heavier rider sits in a saddle which is too small, the rider has no chance for a pliable seat and therefore doubles her natural weight. She is not able to swing through her back nor harmonize with the swinging of the horse`s back.

Is it better for a saddle to be too big or too small?

General Rules to Follow Your rump should rest on the base of the cantle, but should not be pressed against the back of the cantle. Some prefer a tighter fit, some looser. In general, it’s better to have a saddle a smidgen too big than a smidgen too small. (A smaller saddle may cause uncomfortable chafing.)

What size saddle seat saddle do I need?

Measuring your Saddle Seat Size

Your Measurement Your Saddle Size
Less than 16.5″ 15″ saddle
Between 16.5″ and 18.5″ 16″ saddle
Between 18.5″ and 20″ 16.5″ saddle
Between 20″ and 21.5″ 17″ saddle

Should a saddle fit the rider or horse?

Important is always that the saddle fit the rider first – because if it doesn’t then no matter how well the saddle fits the horse, the rider’s discomfort due to poor rider saddle fit will always translate down to the horse. This limits both the horse and rider in attaining optimum performance.