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How are Carl McCunn and Chris McCandless different?

How are Carl McCunn and Chris McCandless different?

McCunn went to remain in the wilderness and shoot pictures of wildlife. McCandless went to live a simple life in nature without materialistic influence. They both made it to Alaska and lived their dream for a short time. McCunn ended his journey in the interior and remote part of Alaska.

What does the bus symbolize in into the wild?

Among other things, the bus symbolizes shelter and exposure, success and failure, and independence and dependence at the same time. After Christopher McCandless’s death, the bus becomes a kind of tomb. Krakauer is indeed disturbed to find so many of McCandless’s intimate possessions inside it.

What are some similarities between Ruess and McCandless?

Both McCandless and Ruess were undeterred by physical discomfort, and obsessed with the pursuit of adventure. By showing these similarities, the perception that McCandless had unprecedented feelings is challenged, as he mirrored another man’s actions from decades before.

How is Gene Rosellini differences to Chris?

Gene had a lot of preparation, unlike Chris. Gene committed suicide while Chris died slowly. Chris lived by himself while Gene stayed around people.

What are some similarities between Chris McCandless and John Waterman?


  • Both were seekers.
  • Had an impractical fascination with the harsh side of nature.
  • Both had family problems.
  • Good family background.
  • Both showed no regrets.

What was on Chris belt?

Krakauer writes: For his first project McCandless produced a tooled leather belt, on which he created an artful pictorial record of his wanderings. ALEX inscribed at the belt’s left end; then the intials C.J.M. (for Christopher Johnson McCandless) frame a skull and crossbones.

How is Chris McCandless paradoxical?

Chris was also a paradox in that he was ashamed of his wealth, yet was successful at making a profit. However, Chris was above all, a sojourner. He sought to live apart from human civilization, apart from government authority, and liberated from a life that was dependent on a multitude of material possessions.

How is Carl McCunn similar to Chris?

Carl McCunn and Chris McCandless are similar in many respects. Both were intelligent and responsible. ‘He seemed like a smart guy,’ Stoppel recalls about McCunn. ‘He seemed extremely intelligent,’ Ron Franz said about McCandless.

Who is similar to Chris McCandless?

Other than McCandless, there are even more people that have decided the risks to live in the wild such as, Jon Krakauer and Everett Ruess. All three of them had both connections and divergences among their own qualities as a person and their journey.

What generally did Alaskans think of Chris?

Krakauer notes the lack of sympathy Alaskans felt for McCandless when they read the article Krakauer wrote about his death. Many felt that he was a foolish child, who arrogantly attempted to brave the Alaskan wilderness.