Can Shepard survive Mass Effect 3?

Can Shepard survive Mass Effect 3?

The players will have to choose the Mass Effect 3 perfect ending by going for the option in which Commander Shepard lives at the end of the game. All the players need to do is collect a total of 7800 Military Strength or higher and choose the Destroy ending.

Can Legion survive me3?

Legion needs to have been activated in Mass Effect 2 and survived the Suicide Mission so that they can be present in Mass Effect 3. The Geth VI does not count.

What happens in Mass Effect 3 if Legion dies?

If it dies: Legion’s role will be replaced by a Geth VI, meaning you cannot bring peace between the geth and quarians and must instead choose between them. Whichever race you do not choose will become extinct and you will only get one War Asset as a result.

What happens if you sell Legion to Cerberus?

If Shepard decided to sell Legion to Cerberus, it will appear as an enemy during the attack on Cronos Station, but will behave no differently than a Nemesis. If Legion did not survive Shepard’s attack on the Collector base, was sold to Cerberus, or was never activated, a Geth VI is constructed in Legion’s likeness.

Who replaces Tali in me3?

Admiral Shala’raan Vas Tombay
If Garrus dies there is absolutely no replacement and you have an empty spot on your squad. Also Tali, while nobody takes her place on your squad, is replaced plotwise with Admiral Shala’raan Vas Tombay.

Who replaces Legion in me3?

The Geth VI
Virtual Intelligence It is first encountered during the mission to disable a geth dreadnought. The Geth VI also accompanies Commander Shepard into the geth server and provides support during the assault on the Reaper base on Rannoch. The Geth VI is, for the most part, physically identical to Legion.

What happens if you activate the Geth?

If you re-activate the geth, you will gain Legion as a squadmate. In Mass Effect 3, if both Tali and Legion survive the Suicide Mission, you can broker peace between the quarians and the geth in Priority: Rannoch, providing you have high enough Renegade or Paragon points.