How do you plot a double Y axis graph in origin?

How do you plot a double Y axis graph in origin?


  1. Select your XYXY columns and choose Plot > Multi-Panel/Axis: Double-Y.
  2. In the graph window, right-click on the Layer 2 icon and choose Layer Properties…
  3. In the Plot Details dialog box, click the Link Axes Scales tab (Layer 2) and set X Axis Link to None and click OK.

How do you stack Y axis in origin?

Click the Stack button on the 2D Graphs toolbar. Origin opens the plotstack dialog box. Customize the options in the dialog and then click OK to create the plot.

What is a graph with two Y axis called?

A dual axis chart (also called a multiple axes chart) uses two axes to easily illustrate the relationships between two variables with different magnitudes and scales of measurement. The relationship between two variables is referred to as correlation.

How do you plot two graphs on Origin?

Merge Multiple Graphs

  1. Click the triangle button to the right of Graphs and from the flyout menu choose All in Project. Graph1 and Graph2 will show in the Preview panel (not shown).
  2. Make sure Number of Rows = 2 and Number of Columns = 1.
  3. Make sure Treat Each Source Graph As a Unit is selected.

How do I normalize data in origin?

Divide the column or curve by the dataset mode. Divide the column or curve by the dataset sum. Normalize input data to condition specified by the Normalize To list (see below). Divide the column by a reference cell value.

How do you plot multiple data sets on Origin?

In Origin 2016 and newer versions, If you want to plot every N rows, or every Nth row, you can highlight the XY column and select Worksheet: Split Columns menu to first split the data into multiple columns. then plot them.

What is a dual axis?

You can compare multiple measures using dual axes, which are two independent axes that are layered on top of each other. Dual axes are useful for analyzing two measures with different scales.

What is dual axis chart in tableau?

Dual-axis combination charts, or Combo Charts, are an effective chart type for showing related information while saving real estate by combining views. This chart type is created with one shared axis, such as an X-axis for date, and two separate axes, such as Y-axes for two different measures.