Where is Toyota Probox made?

Where is Toyota Probox made?

Toyota Probox

Toyota Probox (XP50/160)
Assembly Japan: Ōyamazaki, Kyoto (Daihatsu Kyoto plant)
Body and chassis
Class Light commercial vehicle
Body style 5-door station wagon/van

What is the difference between probox and succeed?

Major differences Toyota Succeed is larger in size than Toyota Probox. The latter is shorter in length by 105mm, and cargo compartment is smaller by 20mm compared to Toyota Succeed. 2. The interior and exterior of Toyota Succeed are designed such that it can often be used as a station wagon as well.

How much does a probox cost in Kenya?

The Toyota Probox also comes with a spacious cabin that holds up to five people. However, as mentioned earlier, the rear legroom is not so comfortable over long distances….What is the price of Toyota probox in Kenya?

Year Price
2017 1,400,000 ~1,600,000 KES
2018 1,750,000 ~ 1,990,000 KES
2019 1,950,000 ~ 2,100,000 KES

Is Toyota probox discontinued?

The Succeed was available through Toyota and Toyopet dealerships, while the Probox was sold through Corolla dealerships. Starting in 2018, Toyota Japan started merging its four dealership formulas, and the twinned model lines. In May 2020, the Succeed was discontinued.

Which engine does Probox use?

Toyota Probox Van: Basic Specifications

length 4.195 – 4.245m height 1.51 – 1.53m width 1.69 – 1.69m
Maximum power 72 – 109ps
Fuel Consumption 13 – 19km/L
Drive Type AWD/FF
Engine Capacity 1,298 – 1,496cc

When did Probox come to Kenya?

1. What is Probox? It is a five-door, two- or four-seater light commercial van and passenger wagon manufactured by Daihatsu for Toyota. The vehicle has been in the market since 2002 and is a shorter model of the Toyota Succeed.

What is the difference between Toyota Noah and Voxy?

Designed based on three unique worldviews that further emphasize their features, the Noah is built on the concepts of “majestic, modern, and high quality” combined with “mainstream and aggressive,” while the Voxy goes for “leading edge and unique.”

Is Toyota Probox discontinued?

Is Toyota Probox is good?

It is loved by many due to its multi-function features. It can be used as a vehicle for transporting goods and its spacious rear can also turn the vehicle into a mini truck. It is a cost-effective wagon that offers comfort, practicality and a roomy interior.